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Washer, Oil drain plug.

Washer, Oil drain plug.

An alloy oil drain plug washer. Choose from either aftermarket or Kawasaki O.E. Sold singly or in a handy workshop 6 pack.

Remember! The GPZ 900R, 750R and 1000RX all have 2 x oil drain plugs!

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Oil Filter - Hi Flo

Oil Filter - Hi Flo

A Hi Flo oil filter to suit the GPZ 600R 750R, 900R 1000RX and many others, supplied complete with O rings for the filter bowl, and filter bowl bolt.

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Airbox-carb rubber duct carbs 2 & 4

Airbox-carb rubber duct carbs 2 & 4

The inlet rubbers between the airfilter box and carburettors harden over time, and quickly become impossible to re-fit due to being too stiff.

This is a single replacement model specific inlet rubber which will fit either number 2 or number 4 carburettor. (900R,1000RX & 750R)

Remember that you will need to order two, as they are sold singly.

(The GPZ 600R and 750A use the same inlet rubber for all 4 carburettors)

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