Subscription to GPZ 900R Owners Club
GPZ 900R Owners Club

Established in March 1996, The GPZ 900R Owners Club,has grown into a powerful network and firmly established itself as one of the UK's leading single make clubs. A fitting position for such a distinguished machine.

Since early 2006, the club has moved to an internet based operation, and continues to grow and support GPZ 900R Owners.

The club was founded, and is run by Craig Davies, on a full time proprietary basis, giving members an unprecedented level of technical support from someone who understands the machine, and it's idiosyncrasies!

Rallies, rideouts, socials and shows are organised throughout the year, and the camping weekends have to be experienced to be believed.

Sweatshirts, Tee shirts, mugs and other regalia is also available, allowing you to continue making a statement when not riding your machine.

In all, the GPZ 900R Owners Club has the potential to save all GPZ 900R Owners lots of anxiety and money, as well as provide a strong sense of esprit de corps, with that said, we are not elitest, we welcome everyone, and have amongst others, many satisfied 750R and 1000Rx owners in our ranks. All for £5.00 a year!