GPZ 900R / 1000RX etc water pump overhaul (Continued)


Here we see the back of the impeller.

Arrowed is a ceramic disc, this is part of the mechanical seal.

Note that there appears to be a crack in this disc at the arrowhead.

This crack is almost certainly why this pump leaked coolant from it's weep hole.

Our suspicions are confirmed, this ceramic disc has failed totally and is actually in two halves.
With the disc removed we can then remove the rubber seat. These seats corrode into position, and when removed we must clean behind them thoroughly, and remove all trace of corrosion.

Working from the shaft end, use a hammer and drift to drift out the bearing that sits behind the mechanical seals cupped seat.

As this bearing exits the pump it also pushes on the mechanical seal's cupped housing, and eventually they will both drop free.

As the bearing moves - the cupped seat will also start to leave it's seat, and exit the water pump body.

Eventually both the bearing, and the cupped seat will fall out.

We can then drift out the remaining bearing. Once this has been achieved, the pump is fully dis-assembled.